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How to Stay Away From Sex-Related Infections?

Posted on October 4, 2017 in Uncategorized

According to nature’s laws, when a person meets a member of the opposite sex, certain strange and inexplicable chemical reactions occur and make way for a near gushing of emotions and an overflowing libido that cannot be just dammed. So, what happens ultimately is that the two persons are so much attracted towards each other that they tend to become blind to a fault.

In other words, it is due to this rather unstoppable outflow of passion that people succumb to pleasure instantaneously. This has its own disadvantages too. The most devastating effect of unprotected sex is the spreading of sexually transmitted infections from an infected partner to a receptive partner.

But, all hope is not lost when it comes to preventing the chances of such infections. There are many useful tips given by experts that can help you stay away from sex-related infections or even serious diseases.

The first and most prominent one is the practice of single-person sex or masturbation. Even though this is risky for the actual person, there is no possibility of passing the infection to a partner. You need to take precautions like using medically approved gloves. Even if there is a small cut, pathogens may enter your body and cause infection.

Next comes the option of virtual or cybersex. Even though there is little physical contact, you can get considerable sexual gratification through video chat or instant messaging facility. In masturbation and virtual sex, there is no exchange of body fluids and hence the chances of infections are mitigated sufficiently.

Dry sex indicates gaining physical pleasure by means of kissing, sensual massaging or engaging in teasing and dirty bed talk without actually indulging in it.

As much as possible, avoid the penetrative kinds of sexual activities. Instead, opt for methods like frottage, which can prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. But, you need to make sure that you use proper techniques like dental dams or condoms even if you plan an anal or oral sex.

Limiting the number of sexual partners to one or two if you have too many of them is also a significant factor in the prevention of infections. But, even here, a point has to be stressed upon-undergo regular medical screening so that you can catch any sign of unusual growth like genital wart, which can be symptoms of grievous diseases.