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How to Stay Away From Sex-Related Infections?

Posted on October 4, 2017 in Uncategorized

According to nature’s laws, when a person meets a member of the opposite sex, certain strange and inexplicable chemical reactions occur and make way for a near gushing of emotions and an overflowing libido that cannot be just dammed. So, what happens ultimately is that the two persons are so much attracted towards each other that they tend to become blind to a fault.

In other words, it is due to this rather unstoppable outflow of passion that people succumb to pleasure instantaneously. This has its own disadvantages too. The most devastating effect of unprotected sex is the spreading of sexually transmitted infections from an infected partner to a receptive partner.

But, all hope is not lost when it comes to preventing the chances of such infections. There are many useful tips given by experts that can help you stay away from sex-related infections or even serious diseases.

The first and most prominent one is the practice of single-person sex or masturbation. Even though this is risky for the actual person, there is no possibility of passing the infection to a partner. You need to take precautions like using medically approved gloves. Even if there is a small cut, pathogens may enter your body and cause infection.

Next comes the option of virtual or cybersex. Even though there is little physical contact, you can get considerable sexual gratification through video chat or instant messaging facility. In masturbation and virtual sex, there is no exchange of body fluids and hence the chances of infections are mitigated sufficiently.

Dry sex indicates gaining physical pleasure by means of kissing, sensual massaging or engaging in teasing and dirty bed talk without actually indulging in it.

As much as possible, avoid the penetrative kinds of sexual activities. Instead, opt for methods like frottage, which can prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. But, you need to make sure that you use proper techniques like dental dams or condoms even if you plan an anal or oral sex.

Limiting the number of sexual partners to one or two if you have too many of them is also a significant factor in the prevention of infections. But, even here, a point has to be stressed upon-undergo regular medical screening so that you can catch any sign of unusual growth like genital wart, which can be symptoms of grievous diseases.

Tip on Getting Pregnant – Quality Sex

Posted on September 30, 2017 in Uncategorized

One essential tip on getting pregnant which you should take into consideration is about the quality of your sexual act or how you can practice quality sex with your spouse. I am going to explain what quality sex is all about. May be you have practice it already, but I would just to remind you about the elements of quality sex related to getting pregnant in particular.

Perfect timing. Having sex is something spontaneous. This means that any time will be okay since the desire may arouse anytime. It is very natural for a couple to get excited when they are together and have sex whatever the situation is. A lot of couples have sex even in a hurry, while they are about to go to the office. This is reality.

Thus you can have it any time you wish. But if it comes to getting pregnant, there is a best time to do it which will provide you the highest possibility to get pregnant. This is the time where you are at the most fertile condition during your period.

It is the time when ovulation occurs, which is the release of a mature egg (ovum) and being captured by the edge of the Fallopian tube where it starts to travel along the tube towards the uterus to meet the champion sperm and gets fertilized.

The highest possibility for the egg to get fertilized is around the estimation date of ovulation. This would be the best time to have sex. The recommended time to have sex to get pregnant is ranging from 3 to 5 days before and after ovulation.

Or in other words, a woman with a normal 28-day cycle, the best tome to have sex starts from the 10th day to the 17th day of the cycle. Some other experts suggest a time range of a week before and after ovulation. During these fertile days, having sex every other day is most appropriate.

Sufficient sperm count. This is one of the essential elements that should be taken into account. Women are often the accused for being infertile and disable to bear a child, while their spouse could be the cause as well. Not only sufficient, but the sperm should be healthy and does not bring any sexual transmitted disease.

Sex frequency. There is no exact formula on how often you should have sex. Having sexual intercourse should be spontaneously and desired by both party. It also depends on the readiness of each party. It is advisable to do sex every other day during your fertile period. A one day break is necessary to provide ample time for your spouse testicles to produce healthy and sufficient amount of sperms.

Physical conditioning. Having sex in a perfect physical condition is one tip to get a quality and satisfying intercourse. It is best to make your self ready to have sex. Take a bath and put a bit body cologne or perfume, so that you are clean and tasty. Washing your self, especially your intimate area before sex is good to keep cleanliness and hygiene and will help you to prevent diseases.

Environmental conditioning. Creating an intimate atmosphere will facilitate an enjoyable sexual intercourse. Soft music, aromatherapy candles, soft lighting are among the kind of things that might elevate your mood to the desired condition to have a satisfying sexual intercourse. Please not that foreplay is also an important act that determines the quality of sex.

How to Make Your Sex Become Extraordinary (Amazing Sex Habit)

Posted on September 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

Having sex (making love) is one form of communication in the relationship between men and women, especially for those who have married. That’s why sex is important for those who have settled down, for the need of variety of ways to have sex with your partner can take more remarkable (amazing sex habits).

The first thing that might be done is more aggressive behavior. This may be more emphasized on the female side. Various touches ranging from a kiss or a whisper in your partner’s ear can surely arouse your husband. Maybe you can improvise by adding with a mischievous whisper with a naughty smile from your sexy lips. With the more aggressive women, it can make possible your lovemaking ritual will be more attractive because most men prefer their partners to be more aggressive or act in a more mischievous.

Your appearance when having sex relationships can take the impact on the quality of your sexual relationship. The more attractive you are both, the more easily for you both to enjoy your intimate relationships. Attractiveness and sexiness is not necessarily synonymous with lavish appearance. It can be simple enough appearance but look inviting enough from the eyes of your partner. Then your body should be fresh and fragrant well to support your performance in a sexual relationship with your partner. Fresh and fragrance body can be used as a tool to attract your partner to always be excited. In another word, it can be said for being sexy you should keep your body always fresh and fragrant.

Focus, focus, and focus (for being focused). Build your mind to get better focus on your sexual activities, forget your entire mind. Try to relax and give your body a chance to enjoy having sex with your partner.

Communication is your main requirement in a relationship. Thus, try to be able to establish intimate communication with your partner even when you have intercourse with your partner. In your intimate relationships communication is very necessary. The communication between partners could be established by showing the moans as a bookmark if you really enjoy your sexual relationship, or naughty seductive words to make your relationship last. By establishing communication with it, it will impact on your emotional closeness as a couple. The more time you spend time with him, the greater your chance to enjoy the event intercourse with your partner.

Spontaneous action of one partner will further be the enjoyment and also leave a deep impression in your sex experience. In doing this spontaneous attack action you also have to look at the condition or choosing the right time. Although it means you should not hold on the specifics time especially if your partner has memorized your sex act. You must be spontaneous to attack and hit the sensitive spots of your partner first. Your spontaneity in attack will make you relations have higher quality. Yet, you should keep your body to stay in fit condition and ready to fight in all conditions. To keep your body fits you can do a regular exercise as well as supply your body with nutritious and balanced food. Are you curious to try and practice it with your partner?