Sex on a Honeymoon

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Let’s face reality. One of the most looked forward to honeymoon activities is sex. There are two basic truths that go along with this reality. As the honeymoon approaches, the more the anticipation of sex and the honeymoon increases. If the new couple has never previously had sex with one another, or had sex at all, there is a fear the goes along with that anticipation. So when it comes to putting together sex and honeymoon, it is a tricky emotional maze that can be difficult for a new couple to navigate.

The question then becomes how does a new couple approach sex on a honeymoon? The answer is the same as many other marriage related issues. Sex on a honeymoon is a matter of TLC, or tender, loving care.

There is no reason to be speedy – in any way at all. You don’t have to hurry. How many days do you have for your honeymoon? If you think about it, that means there is plenty of opportunity for sex on a honeymoon even if it is a short honeymoon. Don’t rush into intimacy. Take the time to learn each other. Learn what each other likes and dislikes. Learn what feels good and what doesn’t. Understand you don’t have to learn it all in a week. On a honeymoon, you are starting a new life together. While sex on a honeymoon may offer the most plenteous opportunity in terms of time, most couples don’t stop being intimate when they get home. In other words, sex on a honeymoon isn’t the last time you and your spouse will have sex (or it shouldn’t be).

There’s no reason to be selfish. Your goal should be to make sex on a honeymoon, and all the time, a pleasure for your spouse. Do during intimacy what please your partner. If your desire is to please your partner, you will find that it becomes reciprocal. Your partner will desire to please you. When you learn that in the first days of marriage, sex on a honeymoon becomes an unforgettable and thrilling experience.

There’s no reason to be inhibited. In a lot of areas of life, people often use the phrase, “we’ve never done it that way before.” In the case of sex on a honeymoon, the appropriate response would be, “So what! Let’s try it! It may be fun!” You don’t know how much fun it would be, or how much pleasure it would bring if you are too inhibited to try.

There’s no reason for silence. What I mean by this is simple. Especially with sex on a honeymoon, you should talk about sex before, during, and after. Talk about what you think you would like. Talk during the act. Words make good guides. “That feels good” may be a wonderful encouragement. Talk after the fact about what you liked and what might fell better next time. In so doing, you will increase the pleasure you feel.

All of these things are part of the TLC or tender loving care that goes with sex on a honeymoon. Take the time to learn the art of loving one another in the area of intimacy. While it begins with sex on a honeymoon, it will last throughout your marriage.

How Much Sex is Too Much Sex?

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This question came up many years ago during a conversation about marital sex. A couple in relationship stress were with friends, when the man suddenly said “I like sex more than my wife”. All eyes stayed with him a few moments, and then, as if choreographed, all together turned to the wife. She meekly said “I can’t satisfy my husband, because he likes too much sex”. Again, as if rehearsed, all eyes looked to the floor for another few moments, before, one by one, gently, carefully, coming back up. No-one could look at either of them. No-one wanted to be accused of taking sides.

Who has been schooled enough in the area of handling marital relationships? Those with professional counselling skills know that this is the make or break point in most relationships, and needs to be handled with absolute caution. Many relationships are sick and on the verge of collapse because the protagonists in the marriage cannot speak about the real issues. Instead, counsellors are lumbered with hours of accusations that almost bother on witch-hunts, such as “he didn’t take out the bin three times in a row”; “she burnt my favourite food”. The list is endless. The real issue started hours ago, in the bedroom. Many people were brought up in a way that does not encourage talking about these issues. They get married because they claim to love each other, and proclaim their love for one another before many witnesses.

On the other hand, some people feel that they should live together first before determining if they are “right” for one another. Common Law arrangements have all the stress and problems of real marriages, without all the benefits. I always ask myself why anyone would want to go for a “Test Marriage”, especially the women. People have been conned, for too long, that marriage has no benefits, until you try it out first. So, what if you try it out, and you don’t like it? Does that erase the years you spent together as ordinary “partners”? That’s another word I like very much “partnerships” because of the business profitability angle. Do “test marriages work like “business partnerships”? A sort of “You bring, I bring: We share the profits”, kind of arrangement? If so, where is the “test” in that? After all the bible says there is “that, which every joint supplies” referring to the anatomy of the human being. Take the right arm for instance. Joined at the shoulder with the rest of the body, and at the elbow to the forearm, it is joined at the wrist to the hand, which normally has five fingers.

A business partnership assumes that each partner is good at “something”, and supplies “some degree of value” to the relationship, like our right arm. Now, imagine if the elbow says to the upper arm, “I really like you very much, but let’s just stay together for now and see if our relationship will work”. If it doesn’t work five years later, I will drop off, and you can go your own way.” Now, that would be something, wouldn’t it? Otherwise, imagine going into a brand new car showroom, and asking for a “test drive”. Five years later, three children and many photographs down the road, you abandon the car on the road, and tell the dealer, “sorry, here are your keys. We are just not compatible. That car has given me too much problems”; “he is always attracting too many women”; “she doesn’t like my mother”. Ah! Get with the program, please. Make up your mind. If a woman is good enough to have your children, she is good enough to marry.

OK, that was a diversion. How much sex is too much sex? Our couple were waiting for a response from all the wise men and women in the room. Suddenly, in about the same time it took you to read the above, the most elderly of the men in the room asked the question. “How much sex is too much sex”? Directed at no-one in particular, I guess the question hit everyone like a bombshell, because I saw every eye go back to the floor, and for a good while, no-one attempted to look up. Suddenly, the woman ventured a weak reply. “Well”, she said slowly, and brought all eyes back up. “I guess there is really nothing like “too much sex” if you are allowed to enjoy the process.” Again, all eyes went to the ground. There must be something on that carpet that attracts so much attention!

Many women are forgiving in other areas of a relationship, but when hurt during sexual encounters, they go for broke. Majority won’t say what is really biting them, because there is still that compelling need to protect the man’s ego. A wise man in a relationship needs to work more on the area of marital sex. This is not about using Viagra for dexterity. There is a certain gentility and finesse that conjures a loving attitude, which, if learned by both sexes, has the capacity to reduce the tensions in relationships. Sex education has been prominently omitted from the learning experiences of people, creating the majority of stress related and mental health symptoms we have in the world today. Every relationship is unique, because the people involved are unique. If you are sexually related to someone and are hoping for a lasting relationship, then you need to find out, how much sex is too much sex?


Erotic Touching For Love – Excellent and Extremely Easy Ways to Improve Your Sex Experience

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Learning ways to be more erotic when touching the one you love can drastically improve your sex life, your sexual performance, and reduce your anxieties. Erotic touching for love is simple to do and really easy to apply. Just take turns being the passive person in the roles you play. The only thing I recommend, is maybe having one of those safe words that dominatrix people use. Just so that when you are letting someone touch you and you are really not into what they are doing or intending, you just say the word, and that is it.

Erotic touching is what sex is all about. Touching each other to please each other. Exploring each others bodies for pleasure. Though touching is the primary condition for having sex, there is more to it than just plain doing it. Especially if you are intending an erotic outcome. Erotic touching for love is a practice that encapsulates trust. You will have to trust the person with whom you are allowing to touch your most private areas.

Erotic Touching for Love directions:

Erotic touching would relate strongly to erogenous zones or highly sensitive areas that are easily stimulated. For this kind of touch to be erotic, it must be gentle. At least in the beginning. Another recommendation would be Slow touching. Drag it out as much as possible. Sometimes, I like to just breeze by barely making contact for a long time. This plays a great part in building anticipation.

Choose the night that you plan on having some time together that you intend for sex. Then, choose who will be on the receiving end for that night. That is pretty much it. On this particular night the focus is completely on them. On the person with whom has been decided to receive. Focus all your attentions on giving pleasure.

(One suggestion that I would like to add here is ambiance. Atmosphere means a lot when it comes down to our sensations and the way our mind processes them. For example; Lets say your focus is on the woman for the first night. Find out all of her favorite scents, colors, fabrics, songs, sounds, animals, pretty much anything that you can think of to contribute to the occasion. This will greatly increase the ability to induce orgasm.)

On the next night that you plan on making love, just simply reverse the role. The one constant that is certain throughout erotic touching for love is that one person always remains the focus. The other person is the one doing the focusing, the touching. The key to really enjoying sex is to just relax and let it happen.

Please remember that sex and erotica are so much more than just a physical experience. It is just as much, if not more so, about mental and emotional connection. IF you can keep this in mind, YOU will become A) A much better Lover. And B) Much more able to Enjoy Sex.

Erotic touching for love is all about the preferences of the one you are focused on during this evening. You should also include, at least one thing a night, that is completely new to you and give it an honest chance. Even try things that you may think you do not like. Much like tastes, sexual desires can change over time. These changes are usually not drastic but through time all things change.

So there you have the design for and directions to what I like to call, “Erotic Touching for Love.” It is all about love and the sensual act of expressing it. However, you can do this with someone for whom you have strong feelings for and who knows, maybe even develop love? One thing is certain, Trust. You must have a serious amount of trust between you. To try new things and to “let go” and allow someone to please you, trust will be necessary.